How your Trustees help you

The NatWest Group Pension Fund is looked after by the Trustee Board.

The Trustee Board’s role is to manage the Fund. It’s responsible for making sure that the Fund is run well and managed to a high standard, and that members’ benefits are paid according to the Trust Deed & Rules.

How the Trustee Board works

The Trustee Board has three committees, each responsible for managing a different area of the Fund:

  1. Member Experience Committee (MEXCO)
  2. Asset & Liability Committee (ALCO)
  3. Risk and Audit Committee (RAC)

The Trustee Board is also supported day-to-day by the RBS Investment Executive Ltd (RIEL). This group was set up in 2010 to support the Trustee in managing the Fund’s assets. It’s made up of nine employees, led by the Chief Investment Officer and the Chief Executive Officer of the Fund.

Who sits on the Trustee Board

The Trustee Board is made up of ten Trustee Directors. Four of these Directors are appointed by a selection process. The bank nominates the other six – and three of those six are independent trustees.

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