Meet your Trustees

The Trustee Board

The Trustee Board is made up of ten Trustee Directors. Four of these Directors are appointed by a selection process. The bank nominates the other six – and two of those six are independent trustees.

The Trustee Directors must work together in the areas of investment, funding, risk management and administration.

Picture of Ronnie Bowie

Ronnie Bowie

Appointed March 2016

Ronnie Bowie joined the Board as an Independent Trustee Director in March 2013.

Picture of Peter Walker

Peter Walker
Member-nominated Trustee

Appointed March 2018

Picture of Joanna Matthews

Joanna Matthews
Independent Trustee

Appointed September 2020

Picture of David England

David England
Member-nominated Trustee

Appointed March 2018

Picture of Nicki Mortimer

Nicki Mortimer
Independent Trustee

Appointed March 2016

Picture of Victoria North

Victoria North
Bank-nominated Trustee

Appointed December 2016

Picture of Nathalie Robertson-Nugent

Nathalie Robertson-Nugent
Bank-nominated Trustee

Appointed December 2018

Picture of Susan Fouquier

Susan Fouquier
Bank-nominated Trustee

Appointed November 2019

Picture of Clare Castell

Clare Castell
Member-nominated Trustee

Appointed March 2020

Picture of Doug Heron

Doug Heron
Member-nominated Trustee

Appointed March 2020

Picture of Wendy Tavendale

Wendy Tavendale
Fund Secretary


The Trustee Board has three standing committees: the Member Experience Committee, the Asset & Liability Committee and the Risk and Audit Committee. The Trustee Board and its committees are also supported by external advisers.

RBS Investment Executive Limited

The Trustee Board is supported by RBS Investment Executive Ltd (‘RIEL’), a team of nine employees headed by the Chief Investment Officer.

Picture of Robert Waugh

Robert Waugh
Chief Executive Officer/Chief Investment Officer

Picture of Robert Chestnutt

Robert Chestnutt
Head of Risk and Funding

Picture of Nic Barnes

Nic Barnes

Picture of Nathan Townsend

Nathan Townsend
Head of Legal, Compliance and Operational Risk

Picture of Sheena Cowan

Sheena Cowan
Trustee Pension Manager