Pensions for your dependants

When you die, your loved ones could get some money from the Fund. The amount they’ll get depends on the Fund schedule you’re in, and whether you’d already started taking your money when you die.

Your spouse or partner will usually get a pension from the Fund. If you have dependent children, they might get a pension too.

If you die within 5 years of starting to take your pension income, we may also pay a lump sum to the person or people you choose.

To find out more, check your schedule factsheet. It explains who could get money from the Fund when you die, and how much they could get.

It’s really important that you tell us who you’d like your money to go to. And, if things change, remember to update the form on the Fund website.

Find out more about what happens to your pension when you die  Tell us who you’d like your money to go to when you die